Buy me a coffee

Whether it’s a short black, a flat white or a generous macchiato, caffeine is what gets you and me through the day, and the final kilometres of an ironman marathon.

I often make my own coffee, in my own kitchen with my own espresso machine. But as I’m still navigating the intricacies of crema and my latte art is frankly distressing, I often head over to the coffee shop too.

And I would love you to join me.

If you’re too far away for that, I (in a burst of caffeine-induced enthusiasm) set up this mini crowdfunding page so you can still share a coffee with me and contribute to those final few miles to the finish line.*

I promise to buy you one back next time we meet.

Until then, and thank you!




*All donations over 100 CHF will receive a special gift from my caffeine-in-crime VDA coffee


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