Ironman Portugal


P4 and PB at Ironman Portugal, what a day!

Below is a brief recap borrowed from my Instagram post… I may (or may not) get round to a more in-depth analysis of why I decided on this race, and how I managed to make a great day out of a race that, on paper, I didn’t really have the training for…

I seriously couldn’t have hoped for better, there are so many balls in the air at the moment and looking back I’m just so stoked and proud to somehow keep juggling them all and manage to dig deep for a result like that.

if you fit all your own pieces of the puzzle together
you will always find your own satisfaction and reward

🌊 Probably my best-ever sea swim despite some rather large waves, swimming solo and coming out second in 50’something.

🚴‍♀️ Out onto the bike and it was quickly clear I simply did not enough power to ride with the front ladies, but I kept eating and stayed focused on the mini bike ie. my trusty 650c Cervelo P3, tubular tyres, rim brakes and all. 180k was my second longest ride this year after Embrun, and it still feels like a very long way.

🏃‍♀️ A marathon I hadn’t dared dream of, running totally on feel and admittedly going off a little quick. I reeled a couple of ladies in and was rewarded by an uncomfortable half hour trying not to vomit, before the coke kicked in and I managed to pick things up again until the finish. I had no idea how close I was to dipping under 3h, or I might not have walked the 32k aid station…

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Lots of emotion beyond the finish line. No doubt my best executed race ever ; I was in control from the start, stayed focused and present throughout and got absolutely everything I could out of myself on the day. Whatever the buildup, no matter how many or how few training hours, no matter where you come against the others, if you fit all your own pieces of the puzzle together you will always find your own satisfaction and reward.

Congratulations to everyone who made their day one to remember out there. To the volunteers and spectators who carried us, to all the people who have personally supported me, you are awesome.

The journey continues.


All images courtesy of JacVan for ©Activ’Images

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