Is this really me??

I never thought this would happen. It’s taken a few days to process it… And I can now confidently say winning an Ironman holds some of the craziest feelings and emotions I’ve ever felt.

It’s like sex. Like riding up and down mountains on a bike. Like sharing moments with the most important person in the world. I don’t do cocaine but maybe it’s like that too.

It’s like being on top of the world, giddy and breathless and exhilarated with a hint of “Is this really me?!?”

Dancing in the rain.

I’m not going to bore you with stories of my ups and downs, doubts, training, injuries to get here… you don’t even want the race report. Suffice to say it was brutal, epic, memorable, emotional and bloody incredible. 🌧️

I had a blast! I felt like a kid jumping in every single puddle on the way (to be fair there was only giant one – it covered the whole course – but I had marigold gloves so I was ok…)

I chose Ironman Ireland because I saw an opportunity for a tough, fair, honest race and that’s what I got, multiplied by a hundred. Maybe I was flying, maybe I was aqua-planning, maybe I was just carried by the incredible support from the brave Youghal crowds cheering in their wellies and parkas.

The happiness and giddiness still hasn’t gone. Thank you to all who contributed in however small a way to my day. You were incredible and it was feckin’ grand.

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