Short legs


I used to have a massive issue with these two. Too short, too big, no Levi’s or bike will ever fit, why can’t they reach my armpits like everyone else’s. Pulling out a chair every time I need to reach the cookie jar, standing in the supermarket sadly eyeing the peanut butter on the top shelf, praying for a water start in a race so I don’t have to tackle waist-high waves.⁠

Make me run like I’ve never run…
Try like I’ve never tried

— Roo Panes


I can lie full length on back seats and in bathtubs. SleazyJet and long haul are a breeze. I have never even seen the edge of the mattress, let alone reached it. There’s always someone to grab the peanut butter for me if I ask. And short or not, they can pedal and run like m*thrf*ckrs.⁠


No matter how stumpy, I’ll take these two any day. Everything is only ever as good as we make it. We can always choose to laugh and be grateful for the cards we’re dealt, even if we’re a few lengths off everyone else. Life’s too short. Legs aren’t.⁠

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