Bilbao triathlon

Bilbao triathlon   They say time goes quicker as you get older. If that is true then I sure as hell don’t want to be 60: I’m half that and

Train travels

Train Travels   Bilbao was great. If you discount my slight bike mishap during the race, I had a wonderful time and was quite enchanted by the dynamic little city.

70.3 Pays d’Aix

70.3 Pays d’Aix   For once I don’t particularly want to write. I’m tired, my fingers are struggling across the keyboard and I don’t know how to make yet another

Cruising in Cannes

Cruising in Cannes   Very silly way to start a blog. Not only does it sound pompous but whatever I did in Cannes, it certainly wasn’t cruising. Then again, “cruising” is

Nevis Valley

Nevis Valley   “Look!” I shoved the map triumphantly under Guilhem’s nose. “We don’t need to take the main road back to Wanaka! We can go this way!” Te Anau

The Elgrand Motel

The Elgrand Motel   Shhhhhh shit shit shhhhhhh!! Hanging over the front seat in the dark, my shoulders squeezed between the head rest and the front window, I blindly hit

Picnic racing

Picnic racing The price of satisfaction   Tucked neatly into my aero position, I reached down for the bottle of nutrition I had prepared the night before and took a

The Battle of Bruce Bay

The Battle of Bruce Bay   Read any Lonely Planet guide to New Zealand and it’ll tell you the best way to visit the country is to drive. Given that

CHC airport

CHC airport   “You see that covered walkway there? Well, go down it and then, erm, you just follow the road and well, you’ll get there.” It was 9.30pm and

Hell of the West

Hell of the West   “Morning! Excuse me?!” It was 3.30am, pitch black and I was standing outside the only lit, open doorway in the street, peering beyond the front

Discovering Dubai

Discovering Dubai   I apologise in advance if this is not my most inspired or chuckle-inducing chapter. I am 41000ft in the air on my way to Brisbane, reflecting on

70.3 Dubai

70.3 Dubai   I swerved and wobbled, narrowly missing the foot of a metre-high, bright orange cone separating the racecourse from the other three lanes of motorway. These oversized triangles

The Metropolitan Hotel

The Metropolitan Hotel   You want to go where?? The taxi driver asked. The Metropolitan Hotel, I repeated for the third time, trying to calm the nerves which were starting

Abu Dhabi to Dubai

Abu Dhabi to Dubai   On my way   I stepped out of Abu Dhabi airport in the dark, still trying to crack my eyes open after a sweaty 3

Freestyling through 2016

Freestyling through 2016 From dolphin dives to beached whales   AB2086, ZRH – LPA. Currently suspended 37’178 ft above terra firma if the drop down screen in front of me is

Tales of the Little Cabbage

Tales of the Little Cabbage Learning to think like a pro   It could have been Angry Bird, The Champ, The Captain… maybe even an agressive Honey Badger or something