ALPE D’HUEZ long course triathlon Race report   I have to admit, I’m struggling with this one. Writing is rarely a problem but I just can’t find the words to

Gravel biking – #2

World Gravel Series: the race   “No no wait, we find you a bike!” With lovely Italian hospitality, the organisers produced a small-ish cyclo-cross bike belonging to the brother of

Gravel biking – #1

World Gravel Series: the recon   “Come on, let’s just go and do it. I’ll find a bike and it’ll be fun!”   We were talking about a gravel race

Deauville. Le retour.

Deauville. Le retour.   A year, almost to the day, since I competed in my last race. So much water under the bridge. So many changes, so many negatives, and